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08:37 Redmine Feature #501: Unlimited project description
Because in terms of visibility for projects customers, the
Overview page is the first page people see, and even if a...
Derek Montgomery
04:00 Redmine Feature #504: 12 character project id limitation is too short
Passwords are already not limited to 12 characters anymore.
In my opinion, 20 is short too.
You seem to have an h...
Derek Montgomery
03:56 Redmine Feature #510 (Closed): Allow user deletion
Title says it all :) Derek Montgomery
03:52 Redmine Feature #509 (Closed): Ability to create LDAP users
Using LDAP is nice, being able to create LDAP users when people register would be even nicer. Derek Montgomery
03:50 Redmine Feature #508: Separate projects files in subdirs
I was refering to [#15873] Derek Montgomery
03:47 Redmine Feature #508 (Closed): Separate projects files in subdirs
Instead of having all the files in one directory, could you separate the files into subdirectories named after projec... Derek Montgomery


15:04 Redmine Feature #502 (New): Alternate way of adding files to projects
For files that take more time than allowed page timeout, could you provide a way to import files that are uploaded lo... Derek Montgomery
06:29 Redmine Feature #501 (Closed): Unlimited project description
Remove the 255 chars limit on project description. Most of the time it is barely enough to describe projects purpose
Derek Montgomery
05:56 Redmine Feature #500 (Closed): Delete Enumerations
Enumerations can be added but not deleted, would be nice to be able to, with the possibility to assign all issues wit... Derek Montgomery
05:01 Redmine Feature #497: Forums - Replies can have file attachments
Duplicate of [#15838]
Derek Montgomery

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