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17:34 Redmine Feature #6276: Gantt Chart rewrite
Has long as I can figure out which project a task is under when we are doing version work this will really help.
Curtis Stewart
14:14 Redmine Feature #6276: Gantt Chart rewrite
We use the gantt charts all of the time. Versions are cross-cutting the projects and sub-projects and then we try to ... Curtis Stewart


13:46 Redmine Feature #5084: Filter all isssues by projects
I just installed the revision and it works great. Thank you for your help. Curtis Stewart


14:15 Redmine Defect #5933: News don't appear in the parent project
Agreed. I just reorganized 52 projects into a project tree.
Versions, activity, and most other items work perfect an...
Curtis Stewart
14:12 Redmine Feature #1675: Add 'affected version' as a standard field
I do believe that this would help with any of my software projects. However it should not be mandatory. I have a larg... Curtis Stewart
14:04 Redmine Defect #5935: Add Another file to ticket doesn't work in IE Internet Explorer
Same on WIndows 7 with IE8 64 bit
Work fine in Firefox on same box.
However most of my users are IE.
Curtis Stewart


20:44 Redmine Feature #5085: RSS Feed to My Page
I was just thinking of a custom query out of redmine, but the idea of incorporating an external provider is not bad.
Curtis Stewart


16:42 Redmine Feature #5085 (New): RSS Feed to My Page
Is it possible to create an option under My Page to just read an RSS feed? I know that I can go to the specific query... Curtis Stewart
16:21 Redmine Feature #5084 (Closed): Filter all isssues by projects
As we get more projects into our Redmine, I have found it harder to get a list of issues only in projects that I am i... Curtis Stewart


18:35 Redmine Feature #4742: CSV export: option to export selected or all columns
If I may, I request that feature.
The request to have all fields available in the CSV was that the CSV feed at tha...
Curtis Stewart

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