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05:41 Redmine Help: RE: User want only to show the pseudo (identifiant) in forum
Hi Florimond,
welcome to the Redmine community!
AFAIK there's no option in core Redmine to do this.
The Admini...


16:20 Redmine Defect #32772 (Confirmed): Tabs are displayed on two lines when the total width of the tabs is gr...
I can reproduce the issue by pulling the browser window over my two low resolution monitors.
It's because the `ul` c...


05:50 Redmine Defect #32797 (Closed): Can I disable autoupdates for Gems and Redmine in general?
Redmine itself neither does expect automatic updates nor are they a core feature. The update mechanism is part of the...
05:34 Redmine Defect #32765: ##123 syntax for linking to issues: Title cannot be distinguished from following text
I think formatting the subject as link is more consistent and fits better than the inline code style.
+1 for the lin...
04:56 Redmine Feature #32781: [Mail Notifications] (feature back) allow mails to be sent to multiple recipients...
FYI the send limits of the GSuite service are listed here:


19:25 Redmine Open discussion: RE: How to contribute
Jessica Bennett wrote:
> i am interested to make a plugin to publish
Sounds great! :-)
Feel free to ask on the...


15:19 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Branch for my own site
Hi Dan,
perhaps you can find some useful infos in Jens Krämer's blog post about Redmine maintainance and deploymen...


06:14 Redmine Help: RE: Configuring Redmine for non-user tickets
Hi Anna,
welcome to the Redmine community. I hope, I can answer at least a few of your questions.
> 1....


06:42 Redmine Open discussion: RE: How to integrate with gitlab
Do you see the commits in your repository view?
How did you set up your Gitlab repository inside of Redmine?


06:40 Redmine Patch #32238: German translation update
Oh by the way... I replaced the term "Unteraufgaben" with "Untergeordnete Tickets" which sounds nicer than "Untertick...

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