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19:59 Redmine Defect #38981 (Closed): thin_redmine service can not start
Hi Calvin,
this issue tracker is exlusively meant for the development of Redmine itself. The problems you're facin...
Bernhard Rohloff


10:05 Redmine Help: RE: Reset issue ID#
There's a plugin which tries to achieve this, but it's quite outdated and not compatible with current versions of Red... Bernhard Rohloff
09:51 Redmine Job offers: RE: Redmine Hosting
There's also Alphanodes ( based in Munich. Bernhard Rohloff


13:34 Redmine Defect #38643 (Closed): Issue ID reset
The issue tracker is not the right place to request help.
It's meant for feature requests and bug reports. You've al...
Bernhard Rohloff
09:19 Redmine Defect #38642 (Closed): Starting Issue Number (1) automatic for new project after deleting old project
Please don't create multiple issues for the same topic. Bernhard Rohloff


14:21 Redmine Help: RE: How to replace a link in the plugin description?
Hi Jordan,
what I can see, the only person who can edit the content of the plugin description is the user "Red Min...
Bernhard Rohloff
12:33 Redmine Help: RE: Cannot recieve email notifications from anymore
FYI, I've received a notification of your post via email (Gmail) a couple of minutes after you've sent it. :-) Bernhard Rohloff
06:34 Redmine Help: RE: Cannot recieve email notifications from anymore
Hi Liane,
it looks like changing the email provider hasn't solved the problem. I'll try to investigate this in the...
Bernhard Rohloff


19:12 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Is the forum signup process open?
Hi Joan,
usually the registration is open for everyone. We had a similar problem few month ago. I'll contact Go Ma...
Bernhard Rohloff


06:53 Redmine Plugins: RE: Plugin "Parent issue filter plugin" does not support Redmine 4.1.X and 4.2.X
unfortuately I don't have a quick fix for your plugin problems, but did you notice that this features are alre...
Bernhard Rohloff

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