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18:26 Redmine Help: RE: Test email not sent under Redmine 2.0.0
I just updated to 2.0.2 and ran into this problem. I got it working. Not sure it will work for everyone else, but see... Jeremy Cowgar
18:11 Redmine Defect #10955: Mail not sending in 2.0.0
I got mine working. I did two things:
First, Uncheck the BCC option from Administration > Settings > Email notific...
Jeremy Cowgar
17:25 Redmine Defect #10955: Mail not sending in 2.0.0
My 2.0.2 installation is not sending email. Looking at the production log I see:
Sent mail to (20328ms)
Email ...
Jeremy Cowgar


18:30 Redmine Feature #8045 (New): Support git notes for logging time
An example:... Jeremy Cowgar


17:38 Redmine Defect #8038 (Closed): Associated Revisions OL/LI items are not styled properly in issue view
* Redmine 1.1.2 stable
* Tested in Firefox and Chrome
The bullets are to the left side of the main div/section.
Jeremy Cowgar


14:06 Redmine Defect #8022 (Closed): undefined method `last' for nil:NilClass in mercurial_adapter.rb:73 (Ruby 1.9.2)
I'm aware that Redmine is not yet supported on Ruby 1.9, however I have been running it without any issue except this... Jeremy Cowgar

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