Rick Bird

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01:29 Redmine Feature #8172 (Closed): Manual reference commits to issues
Sometimes we have the problem of issues not linking themselves to commits either by redmine just not doing it, or som...
05:42 Redmine Feature #8161: Ability to filter issues on project custom fields
+1 this one.. We have a sub-project with custom fields given a version # for an incorporations into the main project....


05:00 Redmine Feature #8130 (Resolved): CAPTCHA Option
This is a duplicate.. should close it
04:59 Redmine Feature #8130 (Closed): CAPTCHA Option
Registration page and/or login should have a captcha option for high visibility project boards that might be subject ...
04:55 Redmine Feature #8129 (Closed): Role that can't assign a ticket
If you are giving clients access to redmine you really don't want them submitting tickets and assigning them to devel...
04:50 Redmine Feature #393: Role that can't assign a ticket
Issue is definetely a must.. +1

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