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11:30 Redmine Feature #3428 (New): Need AJAX Based Issue Addition
Rightnow,For creating New Issue,we have a separate page when clicking on the "New Issue" link,it opens the new page.N... karthikeyan rangaswamy


12:31 Redmine Open discussion: Multiple rake tasks in batch file
How can i run multiple rake tasks in single batch file karthikeyan rangaswamy
06:41 Redmine Feature #3269 (New): Writing a single batch file for all rake tasks
I am using redmine issue creation by email functionality.
I have used the rake tasks to create issues on particula...
karthikeyan rangaswamy


15:41 Redmine Defect #3093: Redmine Issue Creation By Email
In Most Recent Version of rails,that is in both redmine-0.8.2 and in redmine-0.8.3 that option is there.You can send ... karthikeyan rangaswamy


10:51 Redmine Defect #3104 (Resolved): Issues List Page Not showing properly
the problem solved .in one of the posts they have mentioned to add property to the css class.I added it now it works ... karthikeyan rangaswamy
08:38 Redmine Defect #3104 (Closed): Issues List Page Not showing properly
I recently upgraded to redmine 0.8.2.I have given about nearly 7-8 columns to be displayed on issues list page.I am u... karthikeyan rangaswamy


14:06 Redmine Defect #3093: Redmine Issue Creation By Email
I Understand what u r saying.But what about the issue description.How it is getting saved.Are u specifying issue desc... karthikeyan rangaswamy
12:28 Redmine Defect #3093 (Closed): Redmine Issue Creation By Email
I am currently downloaded Redmine-0.8.2 in my system.I checked the functionality of Issue Creation by Email
I Have...
karthikeyan rangaswamy


10:41 Redmine Feature #2897: Tagging in Redmine
I Tried Installing that.But it asks me for Proxy Authentication.Are u using that Tags Plugin of TRAC.if so can u tell... karthikeyan rangaswamy


09:53 Redmine Help: RE: IMAP connects okay but no insertion into Redmine (ideas?)
Sorry the Custom field should not be mandatory.U can create custom field and make it as optional while creating the i... karthikeyan rangaswamy

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