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17:13 Redmine Defect #10278: Related issues field lost after upgrade to 1.3.0
i have installed (nearly) the latest version of Redmine (1.4.0), but i am still missing this "related issues" options... Chris Magowan


13:51 Redmine Defect #8370 (Closed): side by side revsion split is not at mid point of screen in Internet Explorer
When using Internet Explorer (both IE8 and IE9), the side by side view (when viewing differences in a file revision) ... Chris Magowan
12:53 Redmine Feature #5083: Add the ability to view a range of revisions
i was thinking the same thing! any chances?? Chris Magowan


11:07 Redmine Feature #5098: Custom SQL Queries
that ould be great!
i have just implemented redmine in my project, but relaised that we cannot easily make custom re...
Chris Magowan

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