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10:39 Redmine Feature #9418 (Closed): More assigned people to an issue
Now, only 1 person can be assigned to an issue.
I suggest to allow to choose more than 1 person there.
Sorry if...
10:38 Redmine Feature #9417 (New): Start and due dates of a project
Now, issues have start and due dates. A project has start and due dates derived from its earliest and latest issues.
10:32 Redmine Feature #9416 (Closed): Support for a milestone
Now, we can get the milestone functionality either by
a) versions
b) issues
Versions are more related to pro...
10:20 Redmine Feature #9415 (New): More fine dependencies between issues
Now, only dependecies "precedes" and "follows" exists to order 2 issues time schedule.
I suggest to add more depen...
10:05 Redmine Feature #9414: To add field Duration to an issue
Sorry if I submitted a duplicated issue. It is very hard to search in those 2.000+ feature requests.
10:04 Redmine Feature #9414 (New): To add field Duration to an issue
In days.
To allow reschedule of issues based on the duration and dependencies.
10:00 Redmine Feature #9413 (New): Soft start and due dates of an issue
Now, start and due dates of an issue are hard. It doesn't allow to reschedule its project based on dependencies and d...


16:46 Redmine Feature #9410 (Closed): To add features of a project planning tool
I miss those features:
1. "softer" start and due dates of an issue (plus checkbox at them to make them "hard")
2. d...


17:28 Redmine Feature #8331 (Closed): Email notifications settings for persons per project
To be possible to have different notification settings for different projects.

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