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19:04 Redmine Feature #5061: Show time log entries in issue history
+2 it becomes critical here as well now...


22:05 Redmine Feature #8050: Mightful workflow field enhancement: visible, read only and mandatory
Is there any progress implementing this or parts of the features described here. We are really missing a way to assig...


17:26 Redmine Feature #9703: Define repositories independently from projects
We also suggest to have repos independently of projects and assign them to one or more projects,


10:13 Redmine Feature #833: Who's online
Would be a great feature, or a List who was online somewhere in the admin Ui.


09:50 Redmine Feature #5061: Show time log entries in issue history
+1 for us as well, always thought this is the case by default...


12:18 Redmine Feature #1363: Allow underscores in project identifiers
any updates on this? it would really help this minimal change can go upstream. We have patche our local instance and ...


10:07 Redmine Feature #7493 (Closed): Allowing underline "_" in project identifier
We are just about to automate the repo creation a bit by using
repomanger. Our existing Git repos have a naming conv...


09:42 Redmine Defect #6388 (Closed): New Subproject leads to a 404
Adding a New SubProject renders a 404.
- Actual trunk r4083
- Postgres 8.4


19:50 Redmine Plugins: RE: Drafts plugin v0.1.1
any Way to have IT for Large Wikis too ?


20:02 Redmine Defect #5749: ETag on activity page ignores module, theme, project name changes
I can confirm this issue with a totally fresh installation as well.

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