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09:26 Redmine Patch #6226: Add multiple watchers at once and add any redmine user as a watcher
+1 Ez Dakit


19:17 Redmine Feature #69: Textilized description in PDF
+1 Ez Dakit
19:02 Redmine Plugins: RE: Projects Tree View Plugin - Version 0.0.1
Matt, I've done 2 changes to get all working:
* There is an </ul> in wrong place in *redmine/vendor/plugins/projec...
Ez Dakit
18:44 Redmine Plugins: whining plugin: links in html mails
I've changed this file to have links inside html mails: *redmine/vendor/plugins/redmine_whining/app/views/whining_mai... Ez Dakit


19:45 Redmine Feature #5523: Multi language custom field
I agree. A must have.
Redmine deserves to be completely multilanguage
Ez Dakit


20:42 Redmine Defect #4556 (Closed): issue pdf export fails if target version is defined (not blank)
PDF issue export fails in the last 0.9RC if has a target version assigned.
About your application'...
Ez Dakit


11:19 Redmine Plugins: RE: Redmine Blog Plugin
Great plugin!!
... but as previously commented it needs to be included in redmine search engine, or searchable in ...
Ez Dakit


15:00 Redmine Plugins: RE: Ticket grouping plugin
As told Felipe Campo a month ago, *priority* is a non empty field in the *issues* table, so it fails to insert a new ... Ez Dakit

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