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15:02 Redmine Feature #296: REST API
FYI, that patch and any subsequent patches I post here are coming directly from my fork of Redmine on GitHub (http://... Eddie Ringle
05:03 Redmine Feature #296: REST API
This patch adds a JSON format for lists of projects, individual project information, as well as creating and deleting... Eddie Ringle


03:51 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Application ideas for using the REST API
Just going to chime in here.
If the API is flexible enough, I might be willing to develop an Android application f...
Eddie Ringle


03:09 Redmine Defect #3996 (Closed): Failure to convert HTML entities when editing an Issue reply
I had to fix some code I posted in a reply to an issue I was working on, and found that the edit box contained the es... Eddie Ringle


20:23 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Redmine Logo?
I'm sure many people use Redmine for projects that don't relate to software at all. And the 'Flexible' part of 'Flexi... Eddie Ringle


05:19 Redmine Open discussion: RE: stable vs trunk
I'm currently using the trunk build on my development site, and so far I have not encountered any issues. I would nev... Eddie Ringle


17:06 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Target date for 0.9
I'm currently running the trunk version of Redmine. For the most part, it is pretty stable, I have not found any issu... Eddie Ringle


01:43 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Redmine Logo?
I have been reading this whole discussion through, but ever since I saw Martin's logo I thought the tunnel was a bit ... Eddie Ringle


16:21 Redmine Feature #886: Copy A Project
Eric Davis wrote:
> I've added the ability to copy a project in the Project Administration panel. r2704
Just tri...
Eddie Ringle


17:29 Redmine Wiki edit: HowTo_keep_in_sync_your_git_repository_for_redmine (#3)
Grammar corrections, clarifications Eddie Ringle

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