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15:41 Redmine Feature #28511 (New): Issue versions - target version/fixed in version
I would love to have these version information separated.
One would be used in roadmaps (target) and the other one i...
Pablo Kycina
15:28 Redmine Feature #3224: Better project list
Just some ideas:
1. A possibility to to create bookmarks to projects and views (e.g. Issues in subproject1/...
Pablo Kycina


18:17 Redmine Open discussion: RE: roadmaps issues regarding tracker type
Just a note.
Seems to work if there is no subproject or only level1 subproject.
But doesn't work if it's like p...
Pablo Kycina
17:43 Redmine Open discussion: roadmaps issues regarding tracker type
Why are even versions with no issues of selected tracker types displayed in roadmaps? I would prefer to hav...
Pablo Kycina


15:52 Redmine Open discussion: Parametrized custom queries
I am trying to "bend" redmine to suit my needs. I have created several projects, subprojects and custom fie...
Pablo Kycina
15:46 Redmine Plugins: bookmark plugin
Has anybody seen a plugin which would enable to create bookmarks to projects and views (e.g. Issues in subp...
Pablo Kycina
15:39 Redmine Open discussion: Project tree like view also for subprojects
I like redmine's treelike view of the projects and subprojects displayed at site/project URL.
I would li...
Pablo Kycina

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