Jens Martsch

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09:53 Redmine Defect #8780 (Closed): CanĀ“t delete or move issues
Whenever i try to move or delete an issue via the context menu I get the following error in production log:


09:12 Redmine Feature #8241: Advanced notification: per user, per project configurable schedule, event filter a...
+5 for this feature


15:25 Redmine Help: How to go directly to issues page instead of overview?
Is there an option that if I click on a project (I have multiple) I get to the issues page of this project instead of...
08:26 Redmine Defect #8467: Missing german translation - Warn me when leaving a page with unsaved text
Why is this reopened? It was fixed in my patch. Anyway: New german language file with this fix included is attached t...
08:24 Redmine Defect #8576: Missing german translation - different things
All fixed in patch file. Also used some more accurate translations than the suggested. This also fixes Defect #8467.


09:37 Redmine Patch #8486: Missing german translations
I added the missing two texts now.
09:36 Redmine Patch #8486 (Closed): Missing german translations
There were some missing german translations in the language file, so I added them.
* text_git_repository_note
* lab...

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