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12:40 Redmine Help: RE: Grant anonymous access to just ONE wiki?
Some years later, this feature has been implemented in #17976. We've recently written a full documentation on "public...
12:33 Redmine Help: RE: Public project, but private repository?
We've recently published a full guide on public projects. The section on "the anonymous role":https://plan.io/make-re...
12:22 Redmine Help: RE: Anonymous access dont see public projects
We've recently written up a long howto on "*Public projects in Redmine*":https://plan.io/make-redmine-projects-public...


03:14 Redmine Feature #482: default assignment setting
This is something that has been requested by many users at "Planio":https://Plan.io/redmine-hosting/ and it seems to ...


09:22 Redmine Patch #25320: Remove initial indentation of blockquotes for better readability
Thanks for your feedback, Go and Marius.
Sadly, I overlooked RTL support. Here's an updated patch including the pr...
07:10 Redmine Patch #25320 (Closed): Remove initial indentation of blockquotes for better readability
Currently, quoted text in Redmine is rendered with the @blockquote@ element which is styled to be a grey vertical bar...
02:05 Redmine Patch #20384: Proposal: Workflow enhancement
It's an interesting (albeit far-reaching and complex) patch, thank you for proposing it. In order for a patch of this...


11:45 Redmine Patch #21101: Add go-to action schema
We've had "GMail Actions / Schema.org Markup in Planio":https://support.plan.io/news/117 for a few months now. At Pla...
02:44 Redmine Help: RE: Need help - Recovering from old backup (Redmine 2.2.3 to fresh install 3.3.3)
That's great news! You're welcome.


07:05 Redmine Help: RE: Bitnami Redmine in AWS: Cannot Send Test Email
I don't think this problem is related to Redmine specifically, but to the way you connect to your mail server via SMT...

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