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19:43 Redmine Patch #27025 (New): Regex support for excluded mail attachments
Now that we have regex support for mail body delimiters, it makes sense to allow regex parsing for excluded attachmen...


16:59 Redmine Defect #8157: Redmine do not send notification emails if a recipients email address is not valid
This would be solved by #26791.


15:55 Redmine Patch #26655: Additional icon for contextmenu
The patch is based on user research we did for "Planio Redmine Hosting":https://plan.io/redmine-hosting/. We also sur...


14:30 Redmine Feature #24157: Make project custom fields available in timelogs columns
The patch has already been committed. It should apply cleanly to r16417 (and some revisions prior to that) because th...


11:21 Redmine Feature #306: Full Text Search of files
This feature was high on the priorities list at "Planio":https://plan.io/redmine-hosting/, so I assume it would be po...


12:36 Redmine Feature #24089: Call to Action (CTA) and improved conversion for registration
Jean-Philippe Lang wrote:
> I've committed the changes that let custom field to be hidden on the registration form b...


10:24 Redmine Feature #26035: More visually consistent download links
Go MAEDA wrote:
> I think that the improvement is fairly useful but unfortunately the patch cannot be applied to the...


18:53 Redmine Feature #26035 (Closed): More visually consistent download links
As a follow-up to #25988 and #25999, this small patch series proposes to move the file download link on previews to a...
17:27 Redmine Feature #25999: View repository content by default (instead of the history)
Please find attached updated patch 0001. It now contains the changes suggested by Go.


12:18 Redmine Feature #25988: Preview files by default instead of downloading them
Thank you for your feedback, Go and Gregor. Holger and I played around with different layouts before I submitted the ...

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