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18:08 Redmine Help: RE: [upgrade] Moving db from v4 to v5 without plugins
If you have previously installed and uninstalled Redmine 4.0.x correctly there should be no problem.
If you are no l...
Lorenzo Meneghetti
13:46 Redmine Help: RE: Custom Fields are empty when query via API
No, never happened. If you want someone to help you you need to provide more context.
Lorenzo Meneghetti
13:44 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Could anyone tried, upgrade 5.1.0 from 4.2.10?
You have to:
1. build a fresh test installation of redmine 5.1 (do not migrate your data, you have only to test th...
Lorenzo Meneghetti
13:29 Redmine Help: RE: Seprate application server on database server
Simply mount your network folder on your redmine application server and symlink as file/ folder into redmine folder.
Lorenzo Meneghetti
13:24 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Sharing an issue among multiple projects
May be this can do your case:
Lorenzo Meneghetti
13:22 Redmine Help: RE: How to associate 1 contact with several projects
Hi contact is not a Vanilla Redmine entity.
May be that you are talking about a plugin. In this case you should prov...
Lorenzo Meneghetti
12:56 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Redmine + Python dash
Too generic question. There are available dashboards in redmine through plugins but for what i know none involve pyth... Lorenzo Meneghetti
12:50 Redmine Development: RE: HTML changes to webpage?
Pavel Yeloyev wrote:
> If installed on a Debian system, is it possible to easily change the HTML/JavaScript of the p...
Lorenzo Meneghetti
11:54 Redmine Help: RE: New install - redmine 5.1.1 on Ubuntu 22.04
Hi, in order to find your source error:
1. run the site with rails server (if it works the problem is not inside th...
Lorenzo Meneghetti
10:17 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Calling API to create an issue and uploading attachments with an error message
Please provide missing informations in json...
Lorenzo Meneghetti

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