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14:30 Redmine Help: RE: Upgrading to 4.0.4
Thank you! That allowed the upgrade to work. I removed everything from the plugins folder. We have about 20 plugin...


20:33 Redmine Help: Upgrading to 4.0.4
We are using version 3.4.5 and are having issues upgrading to 4.0.4. We have a separate folder to test out the insta...


14:00 Redmine Help: Need to update rspec
I installed Redmine using the installation guide found on the main Redmine page. That guide had me download and comp...
13:54 Redmine Help: Need security banner on login page
We have a requirement to have a security banner on the Redmine login page, but I can't find any setting on how to do ...


23:39 Redmine Open discussion: Installing Redmine onto an existing web server
We have an existing web server that we'd like to host Redmine on. We previously had it working on a test server wher...
14:42 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Cannot add new issues
That was the issue. I didn't have any of those configured yet. Didn't see anywhere where that was required. No big...
03:03 Redmine Open discussion: Cannot add new issues
I just installed Redmine on RHEL 7.5 and it seems to be working great. I created a project and then created a role f...

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