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15:18 Redmine Defect #14446: Public project and "Use of use of uninitialized value $salt" error for empty username access via TortoiseSVN
This bug still exists in recent redmine versions and can also be triggered with git.
In case you use a @.netrc@ fi...
Johannes Wienke


11:42 Redmine Feature #13913 (New): Git history with first-parent only
Please provide a way to visualize only the first parent of each commit in the revision history for git. Depending on ... Johannes Wienke


12:45 Redmine Feature #12587 (Closed): Notify for relation changes
It would be nice if email notifications would also be sent for relation changes of issues.
Might be related to #1005.
Johannes Wienke
12:44 Redmine Feature #1005: Add the addition/removal/change of related issues to the history
+1 Johannes Wienke


14:49 Redmine Help: RE: Embedding repository code in wiki page
Thanks, I could not find a plugin for this. Johannes Wienke
13:23 Redmine Help: Embedding repository code in wiki page
is there a possibility to display highlighted source code on a wiki page that comes from the repository of the...
Johannes Wienke

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