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05:49 Redmine Help: RE: How to hide the issue not assigned to myself?
hi Liane,
do you know any plugin can do this? i i have read the plugin list and it is too many plugin to find out th...


09:05 Redmine Help: How to hide the issue not assigned to myself?
when i login in redmin and open a project , i can see all the issue even if it is not assinged to me. i think it is ...
07:33 Redmine Help: How to forbid editing someone else's issue
developer A and developer B, an issue is assigned to A, but develop B can edit the info of the issue such as status,...


08:29 Redmine Help: need help for rake db:migrate
i am trying to develop redmine on windows 7
i have installed railsinstaller,mysql5.7,etc.
i use rubymine to run t...

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