Bharat Shah

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01:57 Redmine Feature #29764 (New): new filed 'Related Issues Notes' for pair of related issues
Requesting a new feature to add a new custom field 'Related Issues Notes' to allow user to add any optional notes/com...


19:19 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Redmine - Project management and Application Management ?
We have evaluated key features of ReadmineUp Cloud using trial version and agree with Greg's note as have learned tha...


17:17 Redmine Feature #5325: Add Parent Task to 'Group Results By' drop down
Any chance this feature 'Group by Parent Task' feature developed and released for use?
04:23 Redmine Feature #29520 (New): Issues Section/Tab -Allow user to select 'Subtasks' column to see on issues...
Allow user to select 'Subtasks' column to see on issues list very similar the way currently 'Related Issues' column i...
04:21 Redmine Feature #29519 (Closed): Issues Section/Tab -Allow issues to be grouped by Parent
Allow user to select parent issue in group by choices
04:03 Redmine Open discussion: Issues tab
Is there a way to group list of issues by parent?
We have organized use cases and user stories as hierarchical (Pare...
04:00 Redmine Help: Issues tab
I do not see 'Subtasks' under the list of available columns to select to see on the filtered list of issues report as...

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