Juan de Dios Galan

  • IRC nick: Juande
  • Registered on: 2018-09-04
  • Last connection: 2020-04-12


Reported issues: 2


09:34 Redmine Feature #16195: Role with Issue visibility Permission as "View Issues within current users' group"
We are very interested in this issue. We work in Redmine 3.4.6. Is there any posibility of updating this patch or to ...


17:41 Redmine Feature #29492 (New): Information custom field
I suggest to create a new "custom field" of type "information" to add "read only information" or instructions to cust...
17:31 Redmine Feature #29491 (New): Alias in "custom fields" and in "category"
I would like to propose the possibility of defining aliases to custom fields. The reason is to re-utilize a custom fi...

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