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06:49 Redmine Feature #31109: Make the assignee more prominent in email notifications
When the assignee of the issue is assigned, prominent the assignee.
> Issue !#2 (Assignee: Dave Lopper) has been upd...


02:47 Redmine Feature #31104: Show the total number of open issues in a reminder
Go MAEDA wrote:
> Although the URL in reminders shows issues assigned to the user and their group, the issue count o...


07:29 Redmine Feature #19371: Add a new query column for the parent task subject
Go MAEDA wrote:
> Jens, could you attach the test code if you already have it?
I created a test. Attach a patch.


04:25 Redmine Feature #31104: Show the total number of open issues in a reminder
Go MAEDA wrote:
> The information is very useful to understand how many tasks the user has without opening the issue...


05:50 Redmine Defect #31021: Fullwidth characters enclosed in "<" and ">" are removed in email notifications
Escape processing of "<" and ">" is performed by @RedCloth3#escape_html_tags@ .


03:36 Redmine Patch #31004: Decode hexadecimal-encoded literals in order to be frozen string literals friendly
Most of the hexadecimal-encoded literals are under the test directory. Replaced UTF-8's hexadecimal-encoded literals ...


06:19 Redmine Feature #30975: My page block "Updated issues"
Added a "Updated issues" block to the My page.
I attached a patch.
!{width:50%;border:1px solid #ccc;}updated_iss...


09:34 Redmine Feature #30893: Show "Updated issues" on the profile page
I attached a patch.
The "Updated issues" row shows number of open, closed and total. And each value is linked to iss...


03:50 Redmine Feature #6417: Allow collapse/expand in gantt chart
Go MAEDA wrote:
> The patch breaks GanttHelperTest. Could you fix the failing tests?
Sorry, I fixed the failed te...


07:59 Redmine Feature #30829: Simpler link syntax "#note-123" to make a link to a note of the current issue
The link to a note of current issue is very easy to write.
I attached a patch.

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