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09:00 Redmine Patch #37525: Update Pg to 1.4
I tested on PostgreSQL 10.21 with the following patch. There were no related test failures with Pg gem....
06:41 Redmine Feature #3088: Estimated hours field able to hide role based
Go MAEDA wrote:
> The patch still needs to be added some code. Even after revoking the privilege from a user, the up...


01:54 Redmine Patch #35450: Better validation error message when the domain of email is not allowed
Go MAEDA wrote:
> Taking the above into account, I have updated the patch so that the detailed error message is not ...


04:15 Redmine Defect #37165 (New): Can not get anonymous user using User.find
When I tried to get an anonymous user(id: 6) with @User.find@, the behavior of @User.find@ is different between 4.2-s...


06:49 Redmine Defect #37157: Internal server error when trying to retrieve AnonymousUser's information via User...
Users API was raised with an exception because AnonymousUser has no email address set.
The following patch will solv...


07:04 Redmine Defect #36580: Fix code copying in common browsers
Go MAEDA wrote:
> Updated the patch to include fixes for existing tests.
The test in test/functional/repositories...


02:43 Redmine Defect #36059: Fulltext search in timelog comments
I fixed it so that comments on spent time can be searched. I have attached a patch.
!{width:600px;border:1px solid...


06:36 Redmine Defect #34922: Reload whole time entries form on project change
Felix Schäfer wrote:
> We think this should be changed to reload the whole time entries form similar to what is done...


06:59 Redmine Defect #36461: I18nTest#test_custom_pluralization_rules randomly fails
It seems that pluralization rules(config/locales/*.rb) is also loaded when loading the locale files located in I18n.l...
02:41 Redmine Defect #36461 (Closed): I18nTest#test_custom_pluralization_rules randomly fails
The test will be always failed if the following conditions are met:
* using trunk(r21372)
* Run the test specifie...

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