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13:30 Redmine Feature #699: OpenID login
For what it's worth, I'm happy to see it in core. While not a Redmine developer, as a user it's great to have this o... Kevin Menard


02:54 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Running Redmine with Apache
Indeed, and it runs very well.
Just read the Passenger documentation on how to deploy a Rails application. Nothin...
Kevin Menard


18:05 Redmine Feature #2657: Set a default wiki page on project creation
Fair enough. I consider the current implementation a usability issue, which I would classify as a bug. If that's no... Kevin Menard
17:33 Redmine Feature #2657 (Closed): Set a default wiki page on project creation
The current wiki start-up process is overly complex. It is not sufficient to just enable the wiki module. An admin ... Kevin Menard


21:08 Redmine Feature #2614 (New): Support different units in "Attachment max. size" field.
This may be me personally, but I can't recall the last time I needed to control upload sizes on the KB level. So, ev... Kevin Menard


16:36 Redmine Feature #2580 (Closed): Remote git repositories
I'm sure this one has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything with search. So, apologies if a duplicate.
Kevin Menard
16:25 Redmine Feature #2579 (New): Configure SSL schema for "private" actions.
Right now I have my entire Redmine installation hosted on an SSL-enabled vhost in Apache2. I have a mod_rewrite rule... Kevin Menard
16:19 Redmine Feature #2578 (Closed): Add ability to select projects to add tracker for
The whole matter of adding a new tracker is overly complex, IMHO. It wasn't until I found the FAQ entry that I reali... Kevin Menard

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