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15:01 Redmine Plugins: RE: Stuff To Do plugin - v0.2.0 released
Looks pretty sweet. If i can find some time (lol!) I'll see if I can get it installed. Stuart George


18:26 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Update rails / redmine
Ive seen this error before, but only on low memory VPS slices. just kill the gem process and try again. sometimes I s... Stuart George
18:23 Redmine Help: RE: Git branch tracking
Nicholas, that sounds awesome. How is it coming along? Stuart George


02:28 Redmine Help: RE: running lastest svn trunk error?
I hate mysql with a passion, its garbage software, but I have other things that rely on running early mysql. I'll dit... Stuart George


14:05 Redmine Help: RE: running lastest svn trunk error?
ergh that sucks. Redmine has upped its requirements to mysql 4.1 :( Previous release forced me to update form mysql 3... Stuart George
14:01 Redmine Defect #2012 (Resolved): revision 1907 breaks mysql 4.0.27
Closed because its a dupe of #1951
Stuart George
03:23 Redmine Defect #2012 (Closed): revision 1907 breaks mysql 4.0.27
"svn diff -r1906:1907 app/models/project.rb"
This is what appears to have broken mysql 4.0.27
Tried with rails ...
Stuart George


17:10 Redmine Help: running lastest svn trunk error?
I updated to the latest trunk version via svn and now it throws a mysql error, so I downgraded to -r1900 (from I thin... Stuart George


14:40 Redmine Open discussion: RE: URL for repository checkout
I looked the patch over, it wouldnt work for my git, since I use local checkouts as redmine cant read the master .git... Stuart George


20:45 Redmine Help: RE: Repository browsing not possible
I dont see any thing like the folders either, but I run Git which may be why I'm not seeing anything like a tags list... Stuart George

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