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23:09 Redmine Open discussion: Assign tickets via email
I know you can submit tickets via email, but is there a way to assign them to a certain person. I see no way to do th... Brandon Dixon


23:27 Redmine Help: Upgrade to 9.X with Passenger
* Ubuntu
* Rails 2.3.5
* Passenger 2.2.4
I went through and did the upgrade from Redmine 8.X to 9....
Brandon Dixon
23:22 Redmine Help: RE: No route matches "/redmine/public/"
I too am getting the same error. I was able to make it work by putting the config.action_controller.relative_url_root... Brandon Dixon


23:13 Redmine Help: RE: Undefined method error
Thanks a lot!
I solved all my problems, but one. It has to do with the conditional in the issue.rb model file.
Brandon Dixon
02:30 Redmine Help: RE: Undefined method error
So would I add my new method to the config/settings.yml file? It doesn't look like that would be the proper place to ... Brandon Dixon


21:04 Redmine Help: Undefined method error
I am trying to add a feature to our local Redmine instance (and release back out to the community) so that users can ... Brandon Dixon


16:51 Redmine Feature #2708: Require Category
I am running the latest version (0.8.4) and it looks like some things were changed.
This works:
Brandon Dixon


18:33 Redmine Open discussion: Possible to use Apache Authentication?
I was curious to know if Redmine has the ability to use Basic authentication to log users in instead of the current l... Brandon Dixon


21:14 Redmine Help: RE: Very slow authentification using LDAP (AD)
I had the same issue. We have 2 DCs at my company and I just specified one of them instead of the name that switches ... Brandon Dixon
19:41 Redmine Defect #2723 (Closed): Host name and path being mangled in mail
I recently noticed that emails being sent from Redmine were including a bad reference to the ticket location:
Brandon Dixon

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