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02:24 Redmine Help: RE: Help with a hostmonster account
Watch the video tutorials, I do EVERY single step exactly as described and it works. I've had a couple people follow... Tim Davis


03:31 Redmine Help: RE: Some problems with svn repository
Sorry to bring up a dead post but I wanted to share my all day trials with anyone that may experience them again:
Tim Davis


23:50 Redmine Help: RE: Post Commit Hook Help
Ok, I have tried everything, and I can't figure it out, my post-commit hook is running fine, but for some reason Redm... Tim Davis
21:41 Redmine Help: RE: Post Commit Hook Help
Ok, so after reading some stuff on Subversion I created a new file name post-commit and removed the tmpl file. I als... Tim Davis
20:59 Redmine Help: Post Commit Hook Help
I'm trying to do a post commit hook to run the commit fetch, but for some reason I just cannot get it to work. Here'... Tim Davis

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