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22:44 Redmine Help: RE: Purpose of checkbox column on issues page
OK, got it. There seems to be a problem with the installation I'm using as the right click drop-down menu options are... Stephen Lewis
22:32 Redmine Help: Purpose of checkbox column on issues page
This is likely a silly question, but I can't find the answer and it's not intuitive (at least not to me!)...
Stephen Lewis
22:10 Redmine Feature #9136 (Closed): Mandatory Due Date Switch
It's common practice to insist that a due date is set for an action when it is raised. However, it's not possible to ... Stephen Lewis


23:07 Redmine Feature #8946: Permissions for saving queries
Works for me! Stephen Lewis


23:47 Redmine Defect #8967 (Closed): Missing entry in .YML file
In Redmine 1.2.1.Stable when setting parent task to an invalid value (like giving the task its own ID in the parent ... Stephen Lewis
21:41 Redmine Feature #8966 (New): Support for keyword substitution in SVN
We regularly use the $Rev:: $ keyword substitution in SVN, such that documents are identified with their current S... Stephen Lewis


23:13 Redmine Open discussion: Workflow question: author and approver not the same person
I want to configure a workflow such that there is an author and an approver, but they cannot both be the same ...
Stephen Lewis
23:07 Redmine Feature #8946 (Closed): Permissions for saving queries
Not sure if this should be a defect or a feature suggestion...
Under roles and permissions, there is a check box "...
Stephen Lewis
22:58 Redmine Feature #8945 (Closed): Error checking of regular expressions for Custom Fields
When setting up a Custom Field with a regular expression, there appears to be no syntax checking: it is therefore pos... Stephen Lewis
22:44 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineCustomFields (#15)
Stephen Lewis

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