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15:33 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Approaching 1m issues in Redmine
Thanks for your answer Eric Diaz


10:04 Redmine Open discussion: Approaching 1m issues in Redmine
Hi everybody
My redmine is approaching 1 million issues
Do you thing there is a risk on the system with this lim...
Eric Diaz


10:28 Redmine Defect #39012 (Needs feedback): Unable to update an issue via API in 4.2.6
I have just upgraded in 4.2.6 and it works all fine except API request.
Some of my users used to call REST AP...
Eric Diaz


11:15 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Receving Email assigned_to_id for a redmine group
Sorry. My call.
It works fine indeed.
I just have to use "assigned to" and not "assigned_to" as issue attributes.
Eric Diaz
10:03 Redmine Open discussion: Receving Email assigned_to_id for a redmine group
Hi all
i am trying to use the Receiving Email functionnality on my redmine.
I'm stucked with the assigned_to attrib...
Eric Diaz


11:14 Redmine Defect #11481: Copying Projects (with Tickets) not working
same trouble in version 2.1.4
In my case, it seems that a mandatory custom fields fullfilled in sources tickets...
Eric Diaz


11:37 Redmine Feature #1712: add custom fields that are calculations of other fields
+1 Eric Diaz


12:33 Redmine Help: RE: Using email to create issues
Problem solved.
Kinf od strange solution but I have to fix default value for each issue attribute and to override ...
Eric Diaz


12:04 Redmine Help: Using email to create issues
i'm trying to create issues from email as described in the wiki.
i succeeded to create issues by raw email unt...
Eric Diaz


18:38 Redmine Patch #7443: Found-in-version patch
Hi all
Here is the patch for 1.3.2 (Tested also on 1.3.1).
Don't forget to create the new column in the issues Tabl...
Eric Diaz

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