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17:16 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Sending Email Notification with TLS does not work if ....
i confirm this too...
15:22 Redmine Feature #3526: Custom fields for files
here is another issue #6719
merge is needed
15:21 Redmine Feature #6719: File format for custom fields (specific file uploads)
I like the idea of extending redmine with files/attachments/images.. ecc ecc
Hope to see this soon


13:40 Redmine Feature #7056: Download all attachments at once


11:16 Redmine Feature #11150: order "Jumpo to Project" select and "Projects page" by Project name
Anyone can confirm this issue, it is really annoying


16:16 Redmine Feature #11833 (New): Refresh form data during creating/editing issues
This will be helpful in this case
1. Create project
2. Create new issue
3. Write all issue description, data .....


14:09 Redmine Defect #11221: External hyperlink are lost when editing a wiki page
Can't reproduce in


00:01 Redmine Feature #11200 (Closed): Creare a vote system for users requests
This will be much better than using the *+1*, also will reduce the thread size and the email notifications
Maybe a...


16:44 Redmine Feature #11150 (New): order "Jumpo to Project" select and "Projects page" by Project name
I think the list is not ordered by project name, maybe it is ordered by the identifier. It will be nice to choose how...


13:20 Redmine Feature #5358: Share Issues Categories for sub-projects
Motaz Abuthiab wrote:
> I think sharing categories (something like version sharing) will be so helpful, we have a wo...

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