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01:20 Redmine Defect #30848: Error when creating issue with emoji in description
We can reproduce this on our Redmine 4.0.7 setup, with an emoji in the title of the issue. Erik Moeller


21:07 Redmine Job offers: Looking for contractor to assist with upgrade from 3.4 to 4.0 including plugins
Hi folks,
Freedom of the Press Foundation is seeking contract help to assist with an upgrade of our support portal...
Erik Moeller


20:50 Redmine Help: RE: Expected EOL for 3.x series?
Thank you, that's very helpful.
I'm especially interested if there's likely to be a 3.5, 3.6, etc., or if there's ...
Erik Moeller


02:22 Redmine Help: Expected EOL for 3.x series?
Dear Redmine development team,
At Freedom of the Press Foundation, we use Redmine to provide support to users of S...
Erik Moeller

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