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17:10 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Estimated time and subtasks
And now I see that 14 days ago, revision r14272 was made on task #16092 that appears to address the issue. Cool! Look... Stephen Curran
01:57 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Estimated time and subtasks
Has anyone come up with a way to get around the "adding a sub-task removes the parent task's estimate" issue? I unde... Stephen Curran


23:21 Redmine Plugins: RE: Plugin 404 Errors
I'm running Redmine 2.3.2.stable and got this plugin running using the files from Stephen Curran


01:43 Redmine Feature #3816: Allow pasting screenshots from clipboard
Renzo, what was the symptom you were addressing because of the "number overflow in Redmine 1.3.0", and what did you c... Stephen Curran


19:40 Redmine Feature #9068: New button : "Submit modification without notification"
I'd be very interested in that - we came up with that same idea for a solution to the main Redmine issue we are havin... Stephen Curran

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