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14:35 Redmine Help: RE: Auto mapping of fields while importing .csv file
I have tried the link that you shared, I am getting an internal server error after importing m...


06:42 Redmine Help: Auto mapping of fields while importing .csv file
1 => Importing .csv file
2 => Date format selection
3 => After format selection fields are selected manually, is t...


13:33 Redmine Open discussion: How to use custom javascript plugin or automapping of fields while importing?
Kindly share your ideas if known.
Thank you.
06:35 Redmine Plugins: How to use the custom javascript plugin?
I have installed custom javascript plugin
I need a specific modi...


13:38 Redmine Open discussion: How to change the default calender field format while issue creation from "mm/dd...
Current date_field format is in *"mm/dd/yyyy"* in calendar(datepicker).
How to change the cur...


19:38 Redmine Help: How to change gantt chart progress-barline color?
I want to customize my Gantt chart progress barline color. If I change my issue status from "In progress" to "Rejecte...


12:36 Redmine Open discussion: Need project custom field to be displayed while viewing issues.
Need a custom field created in project to be displayed in the option box in issues tab and that details should be di...
07:31 Redmine Open discussion: How to group custom fields for a particular tracker
How to group the custom fields for tracker, I have attached and highlighted the custom fields with the attachment. Li...

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