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18:23 Redmine Defect #9481 (Closed): User Activity Report
If I run a User Activity Report, the results is produces are waay to big.
Typically this report is going to be ran m...
steven gebbie


18:29 Redmine Plugins: RE: XLS export plugin
all fixed.
this was a permissions issue on the /var/lib/gems/1.8/ folder.
steven gebbie wrote:
> I have just ins...
steven gebbie


15:29 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Hide list of members in project overview
is there a way to do User.current.projects(@project) == 'Developer' && @members_by_role.any?
steven gebbie
15:23 Redmine Help: RE: How to specify a Role for conditional display?
I copied & pasted this & it didnt work.
how can i do an if based on the users role?
m sword wrote:
steven gebbie
14:00 Redmine Plugins: RE: XLS export plugin
I have just installed a clean Ubuntu, redmine 1.2.1 and this plugin does not work
I have 013 and after migrating the...
steven gebbie


12:00 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Hide list of members in project overview
Is there any way to change this so that all users only see some of the users. ie they see a list off all other member... steven gebbie


18:53 Redmine Help: Defining mandatory fields when creating a new issue
I require the Description field to be mandatory and have the red * beside it,
I've been searching and edited app/mod...
steven gebbie


17:06 Redmine Help: default sort order
Can anyone tell me where to change the default sort order for Journals ie, viewing the History on an issue.
I kn...
steven gebbie

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