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11:52 Redmine Patch #37549: How to properly apply a Patch to a Redmine installed through Docker
There is no other way besides making a local fork of redmine and building your own docker image.
Here is a good ...


14:40 Redmine Defect #37453: No email sent to me from
Haven't received any email notification to my gmail box from for past two months either. Last email was s...
09:53 Redmine Defect #37529 (Closed): Fix mistranslation of label button_create_and_follow in Russian translation
#29076 added another submit button when creating a subtask. Currently in @ru.yml@ both @button_create_and_follow@ and...


14:48 Redmine Defect #37476 (Closed): Psych::DisallowedClass exception when loading default plugin settings
After r21722 redmine keeps throwing a @Psych::DisallowedClass (Tried to load unspecified class: Symbol)@ when accessi...
10:24 Redmine Patch #37470 (Closed): Add missing fixture versions to MailHandlerControllerTest
10:01 Redmine Patch #37469 (Closed): Add missing fixture versions to RepositoryTest
One test is failing:
@$ bundle exec rails db:reset test TEST=test/unit/repository_test.rb RAILS_ENV=test@


21:43 Redmine Defect #37282: Subtask isn't displayed correctly since 4.2.7
Attaching a patch. It adjusts subject width to 50% (as it was previous, wont take that much space) and fixes line bre...


12:24 Redmine Patch #32435: Change Russian translation for "Submit"
VVD VVD wrote:
> !Redmine_submit.png!
> For example on screenshot better is "Сохранить" than "Отправить" instead of...


18:14 Redmine Defect #37389 (Closed): Add missing fixture to JournalObserverTest
After #37171 some tests in journal_observer_test may fail if issue_categories fixtures not loaded.
Reproduceable b...


17:26 Redmine Patch #37135 (Closed): Reduce extra queries in ProjectQuery.default
Same as #36503 but for ProjectQuery.
Currently redmine tries to select @default_project_query@ even if settings are ...

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