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20:36 Redmine Feature #12183: Hide attachments by default on wiki pages
Now I'd actually want the exact opposite behavior in my redmine sites. Quite often attachments of wiki pages get ove... Harald Welte


18:52 Redmine Feature #12853: Removing git branch result of database inconsistencies
I can confirm this problem still exists: If a branch is removed from the git repo, the state gets broken and further ... Harald Welte


15:53 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Encouraging a community
Tobias Stenzel wrote in message#55820:
> Bernhard Rohloff wrote:
> > Well, although in my opinion it would be bette...
Harald Welte


16:51 Redmine Feature #24808: OAuth2 support for Redmine API Apps (OAuth2 Provider)
Excellent proposal, looking forward to seeing this merged for the next major release. Harald Welte


15:40 Redmine Job offers: looking for somebody to port redmine_openid_provider plugin to 4.x
We're using the redmine_openid_provider plugin for many years on 3.x and want to upgrade to redmine 4.x but cannot d... Harald Welte


16:02 Redmine Feature #3661: Configuration option to disable pdf creation of issues
I still think a global option to disable PDF generation would be a useful general option to have.
Even beyond that...
Harald Welte
16:00 Redmine Feature #31617 (Resolved): robots.txt: disallow crawling dynamically generated PDF documents
I'm sorry, it seems the robot.txt standard is using sub-string matching, so foo/issues should include foo/issues.pdf.... Harald Welte
15:17 Redmine Feature #31617 (Closed): robots.txt: disallow crawling dynamically generated PDF documents
While the auto-generated robots.txt contains URLS for /issues (the HTML issue list), it doesn't contain the same URLs... Harald Welte
15:59 Redmine Defect #6734: robots.txt: disallow crawling issues list with a query string
We've just observed that this issue still exists in redmine 3.4. I couldn't find any rationale here in this issue wh... Harald Welte

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