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18:10 Redmine Feature #1176: Recurring Tasks
I must have forgotten to add repeatschedule parital file to the patch. Unfortunately my old machine on which I develo...


19:43 Redmine Feature #1422: Date selection for Activity Page
Attached is a patch for date range filter for activity feed. It defaults to initial setting and has apply link to set...


22:35 Redmine Feature #1176: Recurring Tasks
I have attached a patch for repeating an issue as a scheduled task. This is integrated into issue functionality, work...


00:11 Redmine Feature #9834: REST API - List all members of a project
Attached is a patch for project api.
To test (include=members) needed in the api call.


22:31 Redmine Feature #8545: "get projects" REST API response should handle "include=trackers" parameter
Patch is attached to include trackers in get projects api


01:14 Redmine Feature #3055: Option to copy attachments when copying an issue
Attached is a patch that allows duplicate option to copy attachments and journal notes to the new issue.
Unit test ...


17:22 Redmine Feature #7554: Private documents
Hi Terence,
I forgot to add two more use cases in my last update.
8)Created a tester user with two roles (developer...


22:21 Redmine Feature #7554: Private documents
These are the use cases I tested in development.
Created Test Project-
Created two accounts-
1)One as redmine-admi...


18:58 Redmine Feature #7554: Private documents
I have attached the db/migrate scripts to add columns is_private, assigned_user_id,author_id to Documents table and d...


23:47 Redmine Feature #7554: Private documents
I am working on this feature. I should have it tested and ready for a patch in two weeks.

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