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22:00 Redmine Plugins: Is there such plugin?
(1) Is there a plugin that will set issue resolution end date based of effort or vice versa?
(2) Is there a plugin t...
21:39 Redmine Plugins: Redmine Graphs plugin: 0.1.0
I installed a plug-in (redmine 0.8.3) and got this error below.
Any suggestions on what is wrong?


20:21 Redmine Help: RE: LDAP and SSL
Yes, I did. And when I unchecked it, it resolved the issue. Thanks.


23:43 Redmine Help: RE: LDAP and SSL
Can someone answer my question?
21:19 Redmine Help: LDAP and SSL
I am attempting to configure LDAP, my configuration is as follows:
bash-3.2$ RAILS_ENV=development script/about

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