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21:03 Redmine Help: RE: Can't change start and end dates for a ticket
I'm seeing the same problem with estimated time greyed out as well.
I duplicated the task and changed the dates an...
Brad Neuman


23:30 Redmine Help: RE: Use Calendar for meetings
It would be very useful to see meetings on both the calendar and gannt chart, that way we can see what needs to...
Brad Neuman


22:03 Redmine Feature #7769: Sortable columns in issue lists on "My page"
This would be great, as well as adding a "due date" column. Basically, it should be customizable like the issues page... Brad Neuman


07:17 Redmine Plugins: RE: 404 plugin_assets
I hacked this into working by manually creating a folder 'public/plugin_assets' and copying over everything manually,... Brad Neuman


21:01 Redmine Plugins: RE: 404 plugin_assets
I am also still having this problem on ubuntu 10.04 with redmine 1.2.1.stable. I have followed every forum and wiki p... Brad Neuman


03:07 Redmine Help: RoutingError with redmine_git_hosting plugin installed in sub-uri
I am pretty new to ruby on rails and redmine, so please forgive me if this is obvious, I couldn't find the solution h... Brad Neuman

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