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19:31 Redmine Job offers: RE: Looking for someone to upgrade Redmine from 3.4.4 to latest version
Make sure that those plugins are compatible with the latest version. Magic Rake
19:19 Redmine Open discussion: Plugins
Can you guys share what plugins are you using that are compatible in the newest version of Redmine? Share link please... Magic Rake


17:23 Redmine Plugins: Security Related Plugin
Looking for security related plugin like Login Audit Plugin compatible with Redmine version 4.2.0? or other recommend... Magic Rake


09:42 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Separate DB server for Redmine 4.0
Thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate it.
I already made it several days after my previous post. Tha...
Magic Rake


05:18 Redmine Open discussion: Separate DB server for Redmine 4.0
Have anyone tried to separate the database of redmine on a different server?
How do you do that? Thank you in advance.
Magic Rake

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