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08:02 Redmine Defect #35168 (New): Activity tab not showing recent data
Even though I committed a change, it does not show up in Activity.
Issues, Changesets and News were enabled in the...


22:10 Redmine Defect #34604 (Closed): Dates are not shown in the edit box - start/due date for task
Start and due dates are visible for tasks when they are first created. They are also visible in the "issues" list.


02:40 Redmine Help: Activity missing from activity view
I am having trouble with some items not showing up in the Activity view.
For example, I created two new iss...


00:24 Redmine Defect #34278 (New): Atom feed for user does not work
I am able to access the Atom feed using: https://site/activity.atom?key=X
I can navigate to a user and see their a...


01:03 Redmine Help: Cannot edit start/due dates
I have a "task" tracker that has "start date" and "due date" as standard fields.
However, in one of my proj...


01:01 Redmine Open discussion: Problem displaying nested issues
I'm having trouble with nested issues in Redmine. I added a parent to an issue, which then made that issue sho...


19:42 Redmine Feature #31589: Show warning and the reason when the issue cannot be closed because of open subta...
It would also be very helpful to see sub-tasks in the roadmap. They might be shown in rows under the parent that coul...

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