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19:07 Redmine Open discussion: Sharing an issue among multiple projects
We are trying to use Redmine for managing electronic instrument projects as well as software. Often a single issue a... Max Yaffe


18:18 Redmine Help: PDF viewer for Redmine WIKI
Is there a simple PDF viewer plugin that works with the Redmine Wiki? I've see one for Redmine 3.4.x but I'm using ... Max Yaffe


16:50 Redmine Open discussion: Change Summaries
I'm considering upgrading our implementation of Redmine from V2.1 which has been very serviceable to the latest revis... Max Yaffe


17:37 Redmine Help: Can a non-Admin move an issue from one project to another
I am an administrator and want to move a group of issues to a different project. I do this in the issue update scree... Max Yaffe


14:45 Redmine Help: RE: Unable to add picture to Wiki
Thanks, Sam. I was able to get this to work. My confusion is that I didn't see the full path until I saved and opene... Max Yaffe


18:56 Redmine Help: Unable to add picture to Wiki
I'm trying to add a picture to a local wiki page. I know how to insert a file path into the wiki using the !file pat... Max Yaffe

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