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15:37 Redmine Help: Redmine upgrade 0.9.0 --> 2.3.3
we are running Redmine 0.9.0 and want to upgrade to the latest Version (2.3.3)
Wanted to ask if this is po...
Andreas Schnederle-Wagner


15:49 Redmine Feature #617: wiki: thoughts of WYSIWYG
As we would also need a WYSIWYG within Redmine (non-techs working on wiki) we also would be willing to sponsor the de... Andreas Schnederle-Wagner


20:51 Redmine Help: Change Repository URL
we created a new SVN repository for one of our projects - now we need to change the reposity url within the...
Andreas Schnederle-Wagner


12:09 Redmine Feature #2957 (New): Workflow/Quality Management
Following feature would be very helpful:
Right now: You can add a Bolean (checkbox) field.
Like for QOS or for ...
Andreas Schnederle-Wagner


15:42 Redmine Feature #2915 (Closed): Ticket sorting
Right now you can sort Tickets by one criteria.
It would be very usefull if you could sort it by multiple criteria.
Andreas Schnederle-Wagner
15:37 Redmine Feature #2914 (Closed): Ticket Filters - watchers
It would be great if you could add a Ticket Filter for "WATCHER" --> only show me Tickets which I'm watching.
Since ...
Andreas Schnederle-Wagner
15:35 Redmine Feature #2913 (Closed): Mail Commando additions
it would be very useful if you also could ASSIGN a ticket to somebody if you submit it via E-Mail.
Maybe y...
Andreas Schnederle-Wagner

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