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17:10 Redmine Feature #37537 (New): Options to manage Mail replies on closed Tickets
currently its possible to send Mail to closed tickets and they are processed in the same way like the ticket is ...


08:06 Redmine Help: RE: Office 365 Email Notification Settings
We noticed that Microsoft recently changed the core authentication type to just accept oauth2 authentication.
I dont...


08:35 Redmine Help: redmine 4.2.3 error on tickets with subtasks
Hi everyone,
we recently migrated to redmine 4.2.3 and encountered an error with Tickets having subtasks.
We got ...


08:19 Redmine Defect #13758: Issue Filtering 'Assignee = <<me>>' shows group issues, but 'Assignee = Bob' does not


13:57 Redmine Feature #5127: Custom Fields to be configurable on 'per project' basis
this would be very nice!


09:27 Redmine Feature #7765: Estimated hours in time report


14:33 Redmine Help: RE: Issue Page - project selection reacting on user input?
Hi Martin,
thank for your suggestion. We are hoster of this redmine and we can adjust it if needed (but we are not d...
13:59 Redmine Help: Issue Page - project selection reacting on user input?
Hi there,
is there any plugin or sth. else that allows us to change the project selection box at the issue page?

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