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17:41 Redmine Defect #37688: Move to modern authentication(OAuth 2.0) from IMAP for receiving email in Redmine.
Howard & Jester, this is great thank you.
Howard or Jester, would you share the quick script you built? And how of...
Darren Cook


20:17 Redmine Feature #2937: Filter assignable users based on workflow
+10 as well.
I have a project with many users that issues can be assigned to, but only at certain stages of the work...
Darren Cook


21:04 Redmine Feature #1019: Role based custom queries
+1 for this, I just ran into this issue where I want to create "public" queries for my manager and team, but don't wa... Darren Cook


02:06 Redmine Feature #703: Configurable required fields per tracker/status/role
+1 (unless you count my customers asking for this, then it's +5) Darren Cook


03:13 Redmine Feature #6202: On-the-fly group addition based on LDAP sources
+1, but for any auth_source not just LDAP. We have a custom auth_source to link to our website, and again auto creati... Darren Cook


23:03 Redmine Help: Cross-site auto login using auth_source
The requirement I am trying to meet for my project is:
"When users click the link to the [Redmine] site from o...
Darren Cook

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