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14:54 Redmine Feature #12089: Hide Issue History
+1, private comments doesn't resolve problem. Adam Kubica


14:58 Redmine Feature #7500 (New): Marging quoted text.
Mamy times I have bug repot sent by e-mail, forum etc.
When I add new ticket to redmine and marked it as in exampl...
Adam Kubica


09:57 Redmine Defect #61: Broken character encoding in pdf export
This patch works fine for me. Adam Kubica


11:57 Redmine Feature #3099: Last activity time window.
This is still important, I have some projects with low activity and "Last activity" doesn't show events that happens ... Adam Kubica
11:51 Redmine Feature #401: Add pdf export for WIKI page
+1 Adam Kubica


09:25 Redmine Feature #3101: Ticket assigned to many subprojects.
Zarooba Rozruba wrote:
> Then maybe a quick and easy way to create secondary related blocking issues ??
> So so...
Adam Kubica
09:16 Redmine Feature #401: Add pdf export for WIKI page
This is important feature.
Adam Kubica


09:50 Redmine Plugins: RE: Ticket grouping plugin
The plugin is very usefull, why isn't part of redmine core app? Adam Kubica
09:44 Redmine Feature #3100: Better display of subprojects activiry and tickets.
Andrew Chaika wrote:
> Maybe redmine_issues_group will be useful for this -
Adam Kubica


18:37 Redmine Open discussion: Last projects on main page.
On the main page we have *last projects* window, this is good solution when redmine is used for project hostin...
Adam Kubica

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