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04:48 Redmine Plugins: How to include ajax indicator in my plugin
I am created a plugin that uses jquery to change some form fields like what is done when you create a new custom fiel... Tide _


09:25 Redmine Plugins: RE: C# scanner file for CodeRay
Where did you put coderay_vscolors.css or what did you do with it? Tide _


07:20 Redmine Plugins: RE: Help With Adding Fields Based on Select Value
Got it working. The problem was I needed to pass back some value to new after a failed create.
@ if
Tide _
00:30 Redmine Plugins: Uploading files within a plugin
I am looking to include the ability to upload compressed files in a plugin I am working on. My question is what is t... Tide _


05:42 Redmine Plugins: RE: How to get current Redmine version from code
Nevermind, The light bulb went off and I Googled Redmine::VERSION::MAJOR and found reults.
Tide _
05:37 Redmine Plugins: How to get current Redmine version from code
I need to see what version of Redmine is installed so my pugin can do one thing if the version is equal to or higher ... Tide _


20:29 Redmine Feature #14614: View hooks for user preferences
Sounds good thanks for great work! Tide _
07:13 Redmine Feature #14614 (Closed): View hooks for user preferences
I need two new view hooks for my plugin.
1. app/views/my/account.html.erb lines 39-43
@<fieldset class="box tab...
Tide _


00:18 Redmine Plugins: RE: redmine google calendar 404 error
It looks like that plugin has not been updated in a long time. I would say the problem is that it is not working wit... Tide _
00:10 Redmine Plugins: RE: Locale file not picked up
If you are trying to make a plugin and just define some strings for your plugin then try giving them a unique name th... Tide _

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