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04:09 Redmine Feature #3193: Provide more context for issue statuses
+1 Love this.
We in the development team LOVE Redmine but it can be hard to convince some of our business users to...


08:08 Redmine Help: RE: Deleted WIKI pages
Thanks Mischa,
Issue #3202 has been created.
08:07 Redmine Feature #3202 (Closed): Deleting wiki child pages
When deleting a wiki page that has linked child pages, the user is asked "Are you sure?" but is possibly unaware that...


01:26 Redmine Help: RE: Deleted WIKI pages
Ok thanks Mischa, I will add the issue.
Is there a way in markup to refer to a thread topic, other than just copyi...
12:42 Redmine Feature #2623: C# syntax highlighting
Meantime, for wiki markup etc, using java lang support via the code markup tag does a pretty good job on c# code
04:09 Redmine Help: Deleted WIKI pages
I've just discovered that deleting a wiki page that is marked as the parent page of others, causes all its chi...


07:32 Redmine Feature #3094: Change ticket ID generation
Good suggestion. Perhaps allow a pattern to be applied to generate ticket numbers, e.g. YYYY###### and let the defaul...


05:25 Redmine Feature #3058: Show issue history using tabs
One other counter to this would be to set the "Show All" or "Show messages" flag at the role level. You could still h...
05:20 Redmine Feature #3058: Show issue history using tabs
I'm happy with Nick's proposal for filtering as this covers most of the problem I was talking about in #3037.


01:01 Redmine Feature #3037 (Closed): Ability to filter updates in issue history
Often where we have multiple user types accessing our system, e.g. programmers, testers, business users, we'd like to...

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