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15:02 Redmine Help: Importing spent time
I've read what information I can find where this feature was added, but I don't understand how this actually works. ... Domhnall Currie


05:14 Redmine Plugins: RE: Looking for a similar plugin like clipboard_image_paste
Maybe not the same functionality, but you can hit Shift-PrntScr and it'll let you select what part of the screen you ... Domhnall Currie


14:17 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Export all issues from all projects to CSV
One tip I saw on some guy's web page on how to use Redmine to manage projects said to always put EVERYTHING under one... Domhnall Currie


16:11 Redmine Help: RE: Can an issue update another issue?
That worked like a charm Bernhard! I added a custom field "vendors" and used a drop down list for all my vendors. Th... Domhnall Currie


19:42 Redmine Help: RE: Can an issue update another issue?
That's what I was thinking, maybe doing a tracker or custom field "Vendor" or something like that allowing me to pick... Domhnall Currie


18:57 Redmine Help: Can an issue update another issue?
I have a large project task list and I have to order parts or supplies for equipment from various projects. I have a... Domhnall Currie

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