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10:30 Redmine Help: RE: Problem with MySQL and trunk redmine
I have similar problem with current trunk.... Tim Aleinikoff


14:23 Redmine Feature #617: wiki: thoughts of WYSIWYG
Is it works on current versions? 0.8.3, 0.8.4, trunk ?
I try to install on 0.8.3 and receive errors ( log in attach...
Tim Aleinikoff


13:01 Redmine Plugins: RE: Local avatars Plugin v.0.0.1
Andrew Chaika wrote:
> I think that in production environment It will work :)
> I suppose, that the problem is with...
Tim Aleinikoff
09:45 Redmine Plugins: RE: Local avatars Plugin v.0.0.1
=) RTFLogs.
Thank you, i had found soution in log file....
Tim Aleinikoff
10:00 Redmine Feature #381: general wiki for the whole site
I think will be better to add function "share wikis page" for selected projects. It will be more useful, than only on... Tim Aleinikoff


18:50 Redmine Plugins: RE: Local avatars Plugin v.0.0.1
thanx, for your quick replay.
I test 0.0.2 version and receive similar error.
Do you can assume wtf happens?
My pl...
Tim Aleinikoff
16:09 Redmine Plugins: RE: Local avatars Plugin v.0.0.1
Thank you, Andrew.
I use your issues_group plugin on trunk version. It works nice, but local_avatars call Internal e...
Tim Aleinikoff


20:53 Redmine Feature #482: Default assignee on each project
I would like to see this feature in redmine. Tim Aleinikoff


01:06 Redmine Open discussion: how to
Thank you for redmine, guys.
I try to customize different views and actions for stuff and clients.
For example in...
Tim Aleinikoff


06:54 Redmine Open discussion: RE: default 'Assigned to:' without categories
I have done it, theat way:
In ../app/models/issue.rb
add string "self.assigned_to ||= User.find_by_id(1)" where ...
Tim Aleinikoff

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