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23:48 Redmine Plugins: RE: Ticket grouping plugin
Very nice plugin. I'm also interested to see if it can be installed in 0.8.3. note sinotite
23:37 Redmine Plugins: ezFAQ to export answered questions
Hi Chaoqun,
It would be fantastic if you could add an export to HTML function. This would allow an easy update of...
note sinotite
23:20 Redmine Plugins: RE: ezFAQ does not display (translate) the labels
Yes, ezfaq with redmine 0.8.3. works for me. Thank you!! note sinotite
14:51 Redmine Plugins: RE: ezFAQ does not display (translate) the labels
Hi Chaoqun,
I have installed ezfaq 0.3.3 and menu lable does not translate. When I click it I get an error 500. ...
note sinotite
13:00 Redmine Help: RE: ezfaq with 0.8.2
I get the same error with 0.8.3. I have just updated redmine and the ezfaq_plugin. note sinotite


19:37 Redmine Plugins: RE: Localization Failing for all plugins
I get the same thing with the ezFAQ plugin installation (the only one I've tried) on an English redmine. See attache... note sinotite
19:31 Redmine Help: RE: how to uninstall plugins
After running:
ruby script/plugin remove ezfaq_plugin
I get:
svn: '/var/data/redmine/vendor/plugins' is n...
note sinotite
19:20 Redmine Plugins: RE: ezFAQ does not display (translate) the labels
Now I'm getting an error when clicking on the FAQ label tab:... note sinotite
18:37 Redmine Plugins: ezFAQ does not display (translate) the labels
I have installed ezfaq_plugin- for redmine 0.8.2 and I cannot see the english labels. All I see is ...
note sinotite


17:22 Redmine Help: Help with a hostmonster account
Hi there,
I have found a great tutorial on how to install redmine on hostmonster here:
note sinotite

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