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16:04 Redmine Help: Modifying the Spent Time reports
Hi, see the screenshot. This is a typical time tracking report on a project. I'd like to do the following:
1) Set ...


12:45 Redmine Help: Updated Ruby and Rails - Some fields not showing correctly!
So I am looking to upgrade Redmine. I am currently running 0.9.6.
My first step was to update Ruby and Rails to 1....


10:56 Redmine Help: Advice for doing a major upgrade
I'm currently running version 0.9.6 of Redmine and I'd like to hop up to the latest version, but of course there's ab...


15:28 Redmine Help: Cannot remove old trackers: "This tracker contains issues and can't be deleted"
Hi, I'm doing a large restructuring of trackers and statuses on my database. There are some trackers that I want to r...

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